BREAKING NEWS: On December 16, 2021, a supermajority of Public Interest Network staff across the nation voted to form a union, and sent a letter to Doug Phelps and senior staff requesting voluntary recognition. This is an incredible development, and the new union is now awaiting management’s response, due by December 21st. For more updates, follow The Public Interest Union on Twitter and Instagram. For more information on why staff at TPIN felt they had to form a union… welcome to the Public Interest Primer—the site that shines a light on the damaging, exploitative practices of The Public Interest Network.

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Are you currently employed by TPIN? The answers to all your questions are right here. If you need support or advice, or have information you feel should be added to the site, please email publicinterestprimer@gmail.com. Your anonymity will be protected.

The Public Interest Primer was launched in May 2016 to augment media attention surrounding U.S. PIRG’s public opposition to the Department of Labor’s overtime rule. Site last updated February, 2018.